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Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading ensures the paper fulfills all the writing requirements;

  • Correct spelling and elimination of grammar errors using premium Grammarly Software
  • Have an original and meaningful title with a specific thesis,
  • Have connecting topic sentences to the thesis and introduce the content of each body paragraph
  • Have relatively similar paragraph lengths and not too short or too long
  • Eliminates excess repetition of phrases, words, and sentence constructions
  • The appropriate transition between paragraphs and sentences
  • Conclusions summarize the arguments and are not merely a repetition of the introduction
  • Quotes are smoothly integrated into the text with the sentence before and after the quotes including signal phrases
  • Effectively use of appropriate variety and number of sources (updated and well-cited)
  • Appropriate documentation of phrases and quotations using approved citation guide (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.)
  • Inclusion of page numbers, consistent verb tense, use of strong verbs, appropriate use of passive and active voice.

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Citation editing

Your citation expert will ensure that your in-text citations and references are correctly formatted and cross-checked. This includes:

  • Checking capitalization, italicization, and punctuation
  • Providing feedback on incomplete references
  • Improving your reference list’s overall layout