Do you have experience editing Honors, Masters or PhD theses?

Yes, it is our specialty. At Elite Editing, we edit more academic theses every year than any other editing service in Australia. Our thesis editors are quite simply the most accomplished in the business. Our professional academic editors all have over 10 years of experience editing theses for postgraduate students. Further, many of our academic editors hold a PhD (doctorate), meaning that they wrote and edited their own thesis. Some editing websites will give your thesis to an unqualified editor, but at Elite Editing, we feel strongly that a thesis should only be edited by a qualified academic with many, many years of experience. We possess the necessary expertise and experience to ensure your thesis is written and presented in the best possible way.

Will my university allow me to have my thesis professionally edited?

We recommend that students follow the policies of their universities. We adhere to all university guidelines and policies. Our editing complies with the American and Australian Standards for Editing Practice and the ‘Guidelines for Editing Research Theses‘, which have been adopted by most universities. These require written approval from your supervisor to use an editor.

Will my university pay for me to have my thesis professionally edited?

Some universities have funding available to support postgraduate students paying for the use of a professional editor. You should check with your supervisor or scholarship/graduate office. We are able to provide you with a written quotation or a tax invoice to assist in your application for funding or reimbursement.

My thesis is very well written, do I really need editing?

Every thesis can be improved using our professional thesis editing service. As thesis editing experts, we know exactly what corrections and improvements to make to bring your thesis up to the highest standard and present it in the best possible way. We have never encountered a thesis that we weren’t able to improve significantly. Your examiners and university expect your thesis to meet international publication standards. The use of a professional editing service is an integral step in the process of meeting these standards.

Even the most accomplished writers have their work edited prior to publication. The publishing industry demands it. It is well established that writers often cannot see the errors in their own work. Not to mention how difficult it is to ensure consistency and accuracy across such a long document. Editing and writing are actually very different skill sets. The fact that your thesis will be improved through professional editing does not take anything away from your hard work and academic ability.

Sometimes postgraduates who use our service aren’t sure if they really need it, but they don’t want to leave anything to chance. Each of these clients has been extremely pleased with the results of our service and so thankful they decided to hire us. This testimonial is representative of the experience of those students:

‘Thank you for doing such a phenomenal job on editing my thesis! I was unsure whether I should actually spend the money to have it edited and I must say, you have made it worth my while! The last few months have been rushed so the referencing in particular was quite messy but the fact that you’ve corrected that for me has been an incredible time saver. The fact that you’re also willing to make changes after the process (like adjusting appendices) is remarkable too. You have exceeded my expectations. The effort and attention to detail is consistent throughout.’ Alicia, PhD (Business), University of South Australia

Please visit our thesis editing page for more information on why you should use our professional thesis editing service.

For ESL Students

English is my second language, how can you help me?

If English is your second language, having your essay, assignment or thesis edited will improve your grades significantly. It will also help you to learn English faster by teaching you how to improve your own writing. Our academic editors are highly skilled and experienced in editing documents for ESL students. Those who use our service see a substantial improvement in their grades immediately and have a very high success rate in their degrees.

Referencing and Formatting

Can you correct my referencing?

Yes. When you submit your document for editing, you simply need to let us know the name of the referencing style you are using. If you wish, you can even email us any referencing guidelines that you have received from your department or university. We will ensure that your document is referenced correctly, no matter what style you are using. We will also cross-check between your in-text references or footnotes and your reference list, and let you know if any information is missing.However, it is important to note that we cannot write your references for you. It is up to you to decide what references need to be included and where. Once you have inserted your own references (including all of the necessary information such as author, title, publisher, place of publication, year and page number), our academic editors will ensure the information is presented correctly.

Is formatting included in your editing service?

Yes. Unlike most other editing businesses, our comprehensive academic editing service includes publication-ready formatting at no additional charge. We will flawlessly format your academic document to adhere to any formatting guidelines that you specify. If you have no specific guidelines to follow, we will format the document to a style that is most commonly accepted by universities.

Do I need to include my references in the word count for editing?

If you would like us to edit your references for you, then yes, you do need to include them in the word count so you can pay for them to be edited. If you include your references in the word count for editing, we can correct them for you according to the precise guidelines of the referencing style you are using. We will also cross-check between the in-text references and the reference list or bibliography, to ensure completeness, consistency and accuracy, and to ensure that all sources cited in your document are listed in the reference list. If you do not want us to edit your references for you, then you do not need to include the reference list, bibliography or footnotes in the word count for editing.

For Business

Do you provide editing services for businesses?

Yes. We provide professional editing to businesses. We can assist you with all types of documents, including but not limited to: advertising and marketing material, website content, business documents and letters, and reports and presentations.

Privacy and Security

I’m wary of online businesses. Is it safe to use your service?

Yes. It is completely safe to use our service and our website. We are a registered Australian business (Australian Business Number 73117637635) and our editors are members of many professional and industry associations, such as IPEd (the Institute of Professional Editors).

We take every security precaution possible to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your details, document and payment. If you have any concerns, you can contact us at any time or arrange to meet us at our office in Adelaide, South Australia. We also provide 100% customer satisfaction and delivery guarantees, so you can use our service at no risk to you!

Will anyone else know I’m using your service, or be able to see my document?

All of your details and documents are kept strictly confidential and are not shown to anyone outside of Elite Editing. We normally keep copies of our edited documents for back-up purposes, but after you have received your edited document, you can request that we delete all your files if you wish. Please see our confidentiality page for more information.

Thesis Write-up Scholarship

Will my application and all documents that I upload be kept confidential?

Yes. At Elite Editing, we take confidentiality very seriously. Your application materials will be kept strictly confidential. After the closing date, when all applications have been considered, all unsuccessful applications will be deleted from our system and no information will be retained. You can read more about our confidentiality policy here.

I am studying part time. Am I eligible?

Most part-time students are not eligible for scholarships, according to university scholarship guidelines. Part-time students are only eligible if they meet certain university requirements and these mostly relate to disabilities or heavy carer commitments. Students must demonstrate that they have a specific reason that they cannot study full time. Working full time is not one of the reasons accepted by the university. If you are unsure if you would be eligible for the scholarship as a part-time student, you should contact your university rather than Elite Editing since this eligibility requirement is determined by universities and not Elite Editing.

I have to write a thesis but my degree is by coursework, not research. Am I eligible?

No. The Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship is for students studying by research only. You must be enrolled in a Masters or PhD by research, not by coursework.

Do I really have to upload all of the sections of my thesis that I have written so far?

Yes. Since the aim of the scholarship is to support students during the period that they are working on writing up their scholarship, we need to see how much work has been done so far, if any. It will be assessed as part of your application.

I have not yet written any sections of my thesis or I haven’t written very much of it. Is this ok?

Yes. The intention of the scholarship is to support students during a 12-week period that they will be intensively working on writing up their thesis. You may only be at the data collection or research stage now, and this is fine. If you have not yet written any sections of your thesis, you do not need to upload anything here. But you should upload anything you have written, even if it is only short. It will be considered as part of your application.

Which academic transcripts do I need to provide for my application?

You need to provide your academic transcripts for all of your previous degrees.

I held another scholarship that has now ended, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, you can apply for the Elite Editing Thesis Write-up Scholarship if you have held another scholarship that has now ended. In your application, you should explain why you were not able to complete your degree in the time allowed by your scholarship.

What should the letter from my supervisor say?

The letter from your supervisor should be a general letter of recommendation and it should include any information that your supervisor believes would be useful for us to know. This may include information about your progress in the degree, the academic merit of your research, your academic skills and experience, and reasons why the scholarship should be awarded to you over other applicants.